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Comprehensive Advice & Legal Support: download


Apprenticeship Levy Toolkit: download

STPCD Guidance 2016: download

Education Excellence Everywhere: download

United we Stand by Sir David Carter: download

Background notes from the Queen's Speech: download

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Newsletter 30: Calculating Strike Pay

Newsletter 29: What to expect in 2017

Newsletter 28: Frameworks: how to contract effectively

Newsletter 27: Restructures and what you need to consider

Newsletter 26: Dress Codes at Work

Newsletter 25: Teachers' Pay & Conditions

Newsletter 24: Brexit

Newsletter 23: Long Term Sickness

Newsletter 22: Family Friendly Rights

Newsletter 21: Academy Conversions

Newsletter 20: National Living Wage

Newsletter 19: New Zero Hours Regulations for Schools

Newsletter 18: DBS Referrals "When should a referral be made?"

Newsletter 17: Schools beware - use of fixed term contracts

Newsletter 16: Facts and Figures: useful wall document - click here

Newsletter 15: Appraisals & Performance Assessments

Newsletter 14: A step-by-step guide on handling grievances

Newsletter 13: Is there a duty to report serious teacher misconduct?

Newsletter 12: Top tips when dealing with disciplinary procedures

Newsletter 11: Settlement Agreements and Agreed References

Newsletter 10 (Pt3): Handling a discipilinary: the appeal process

Newsletter 10 (Pt2): Handling a disciplinary: conclusion of the investigation and the disciplinary hearing

Newsletter 10 (Pt1): Handling a disciplinary: conducting an investigation and preparing for a discplinary

Newsletter 9: Social Media: managing the unstoppable rise

Newsletter 8: Spring 2015 Employment update

Newsletter 7: Stress, anxiety and depression: the meaning of disability

Newsletter 6: Overview on collaborative procurement

Newsletter 5: Fit for work

Newsletter 4: Examining the 10 most common employment law myths

Newsletter 3: Shared parental leave

Newsletter 2: Childcare disqualification requirements

Newsletter 1: TUPE in a nutshell

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