Regulatory matters

Compliance can be incredibly complicated for schools, aside from specific education regulations and Code of Practice, there is a much wider regulatory landscape. Obligations under company law, charity law, Data Protection Act, Code of Practice are all examples of other areas where compliance is absolutely essential. Depending on the breach, failure to comply may lead to sanctions against schools or individual members of staff, head teacher, governors and trustees.

Training courses ensure that members of the school family can understand not only what they must do, but why they must do it. Furthermore, we can provide direct assistance with issues such as sharing information with the police, social services or other third parties.

What to do if there is a Data Protection Act breach

This can include liaison with those who have been affected by the breach and with official agencies such as the local authority and Information Commissioner, including being proactive in remedying and resolving any issues as they arise.

Schools need to ensure that policies and procedures are up-to-date and can provide a sound defence if claims are brought against the school. Managing disputes as they arise can have a real impact on a successful outcome.

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