Governance in schools is increasingly a focus of interest from both central government as well as OFSTED. Changes to the Governor's Handbook, the Academy Financial Handbook, guidance notes and regulatory changes continue to pose challenges and provide opportunities for schools and academies to retain their identity, promote their individual ethos and ensure that pupils and students get the very best.

The work of Governors, Directors and Trustees in schools can be incredibly rewarding, but it can also be very time-consuming, complex and at certain times incredibly hard. In academies, the greater degree of responsibility falls upon Academy Directors and Trustees requires incredibly careful consideration.

Good governance relies on the following:

  • A clear understanding of individual roles;
  • Ability to draw on best practice for governing bodies, charity trustees and company directors;
  • A challenge to the head teacher and senior leadership team;
  • Achieving best value and sound financial footing;
  • Good communication, accessible and informative reporting, provision of data and clear analysis; and
  • The ability to be strategic, overarching and effective.         

Our team can provide a service for all governing bodies that is particular to your needs. This could be a full external review of governance, looking at policies, procedures and details of meetings and committee structure. However, it may be to attend one or more governing body meetings or it may be a result of an OFSTED inspection or Section 48 diocesan inspection that recommends and external review.

You may wish to review your governance structure, make changes to the constitution, changes to the organisation to rationalise and increase efficiency. You may simply need a review to make sure you comply with the current guidance on regulations.

With every education matter, your school will be completely unique, even though you will share similarities and experiences with others, we can assure you that your own actual circumstances will be as unique as the children who attend the school.

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