Construction and Engineering

Our team have extensive experience of assisting further education clients through the attainment of new campus developments and campus renovations, we regularly work alongside Further Education (FE) client's project manager to remove as much of the attainment burden from the client amongst other things such as:

  • Appointing building contractors;
  • Appointing the professional team;
  • Arranging the necessary project security (performance bonds/parent company guarantees); and
  • Dealing with project stakeholders and factoring in their requirements.

Where necessary, our team also provides advice in relation to disputes and dispute avoidance.

Our team are experienced in advising secondary school academy conversions and on many occasions, as the upcoming academy did not develop the property which it is now acquiring an interest in, it will have no contractual recourse to the 'construction team' if there are any defects with the work. If this was to remain this way, the academy would need to pay for any and all defects with its own money and have no ability to claim it back.

In this type of scenario, our role is to assist the incoming academy to understand the following:

  • What rights does our academy client have under the existing documents?
  • How does our academy client obtain those rights?
  • What are the outstanding risks once the protection that is available has been provided to our academy client?

The purpose of this exercise is to provide our academy clients with enough knowledge so that either the client can proceed with the transfer, abort the transfer or negotiate a different deal.

"I have commissioned Andrew Perry to provide legal advice and support to a number of construction projects at the college. I have always found Andrew to be very direct and honest in his advice and this has formed the basis for an on-going and successful business relationship. He has a good understanding of technical and commercial aspects of the construction industry and is able to get to the heart of the problem. I would have no hesitation in recommending his services."

Tom Stevens, Executive Director, West Nottinghamshire College.

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