Commercial Contracts and Procurement

Our Commercial team have provided advice and assistance to organisations within the education sector for over a decade. As a team, we understand the importance of working in partnership with you to ensure that we help you create strong and effective contractual relationships with your suppliers which deliver value for money. We advise our clients on effective procurement strategies, due diligence on potential suppliers and any compliance issues associated with contracts.

Over the years, we have assisted in drafting and negotiating a wide range of contracts including:

  • IT services;
  • Catering; and
  • Security and Facilities Management.

 To ensure that the contracts provide adequate protection for you against poor performance and potential regulatory breaches by the Supplier, to ensure that you are able to understand and manage any risks arising out of any such contract.

Data Protection

We regularly advise our education clients on data protection issues, and provide training to governors/trustees about their obligations as data controllers under the Data Protection Act, and the rights of parents and pupils to access their personal data and parental rights to pupil records.  Within our training programmes we have covered the following aspects:-

  • Basic definitions – what does ‘consent’ mean in data protection?;
  • Obligation of schools as data controllers;
  • Rights of parents and pupils;
  • Dealing with third party requests for information and data sharing;
  • Dealing with data breaches;
  • Use of cloud services;
  • Data retention;
  • Security; and
  • Data protection policies and privacy notices – what should they contain

We offer bespoke data protection audits which allows the organisation to gain an up-to-date and accurate picture of their compliance with their obligations as a data controller with any recommendations as to any changes to data protection or privacy policies, procedures for handling SAR’s and any procedural/structural changes such as the appointment of a data protection officer.

We assist with subject access requests (“SARS”), from the provision of template letters to aid response, to give guidance on what is disclosable and what needs redacting.  We also provide advice and support in respect of third party disclosures, and what is permissible under the Data Protection Act,

We have worked with schools, academies and Further Education colleges on how to manage a data breach and what processes and procedures are required to deal any potential breaches.

Freedom of Information

We regularly advise our clients in relation to the receipt of Freedom of Information Requests, the time limits for responding to such requests and the use of any applicable exemptions.

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