Help when you need it

We know that the conversion process may consume a lot of your time. By working closely as a team we can liaise with the DfE and EFA about deadlines and compliance. We can negotiate with the LA and other third parties as necessary.

We can manage much of the process, whilst keeping you informed to ease pressure on your time - when you still have to run a busy school.

We will aim to ensure that the process is as straightforward as possible. From the outset, we will draw out a road map so that all parties know and understand what needs to happen, when and why.

We will we go through your questions about each part of the process and we will work through issues such as:

  • Who can join a MAT?
  • Geographical Proximity
  • Vision and Ethos and Identity
  • Being ‘led’ by a secondary school?


Any member of the team will be available to talk to you whenever you need to, either on the phone, by email or by webinar for meetings, briefings, consultation or training or face to face.


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